Kim Jae-wook Happy to Be Flexing Comedy Muscles in New TV Series
Actor Kim Jae-wook returns to the small screen with cable channel tvN' s new romantic comedy "Her Private Life." Kim appeared at a press event along with co-star Park Min-young and director Hong..
Park Min-young Reveals How She Prepared for Her Romantic Comedy
Park Min-young, who plays a K-pop fanatic in her upcoming TV series "Her Private Life," said she understands what it means to be obsessed with something, while attending a press event in Seoul on..
Casting Details About Jang Dong-yoon's Cross-Dressing Role Revealed
Director Kim Dong-hwi revealed details about the casting of actor Jang Dong-yoon at a press event for KBS' new period drama in Seoul on Sept. 30. In the period drama, "The Tale of Nokdu," Jang plays..
Kim So-hyun Says No Rivalry on Set with Co-Star Jang Dong-yoon
Actress Kim So-hyun opened up about her chemistry with co-star Jang Dong-yoon at a press event for KBS' new period drama in Seoul on Sept. 30."Jang's role as a cross-dresser was intriguing to me,"..
Starlet Keum Sae-rok Thanks Fellow Cast Members for Their Support
Starlet Keum Sae-rok expressed her gratitude to her fellow actors at a press event for SBS' new drama series, "The Fiery Priest," in Seoul on Feb. 15. Kim Nam-gil, Kim Sung-kyun and Lee Honey also..
Kim Tae-ri Feels 'Blessed' to Work with Lee Byung-hun on New TV Series
Actor Lee Byung-hun was full of praise for his younger co-star Kim Tae-ri at a press event for cable channel tvN's new drama series "Mr. Sunshine" in Seoul on June 26.Lee is 20 years older than Kim,..
Jung Hae-in Says He Is Fully Immersed in His Character in New TV Series
Actor Jung Hae-in opened up about his thoughts on playing a character in love at a press event for JTBC's new series "Something in the Rain" on March 28.Asked whether his experience of relationships..
Son Ye-jin Shares Her First Impression of Co-Star Jung Hae-in
Actress Son Ye-jin was asked if she has actually often bought meals for her co-star Jung Hae-in at a press event for JTBC's new TV series "Something in the Rain" in Seoul on March 28. The question..