NewJeans Lend Star Power to Duty-Free Shop's Anniversary Bash
Girl group NewJeans appeared at an event to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Hyundai Department Store's duty-free shop in Seoul on Monday.
Kim Hyo-jin, Park Eun-bin Among Stars Attending Wrap Party
Kim Hyo-jin, Park Eun-bin and other members of the cast of "Castaway Diva" gathered for a wrap party for the TV series in Seoul on Thursday.The series revolves around a girl who dreams of being a pop..
Aespa Members Pause for Photos Before TV Program
Girl group Aespa posed for the cameras on their way to a TV program in Seoul on Thursday.Clad in school uniforms, they showed off their youthful spirit and looks.Their new album is set for release..
Park Bo-young Talks About Role in Netflix Series
Actress Park Bo-young appeared at a press event for Netflix's new Korean series "Daily Dose of Sunshine" in Seoul on Wednesday.Based on a web cartoon penned by former nurse Lee Ra-ha, the..
Girl Group Weeekly Showcase New Album
Girl group Weeekly showcased their new album in Seoul on Wednesday.The band debuted with seven members in June 2020, but one of the members left the band last year for health reasons."ColoRise,"..
Co-Stars Rowoon, Cho Yi-hyun Promote New Series
Actor Rowoon appeared at a press event for his new TV series "The Matchmakers" in Seoul on Monday, along with co-star Cho Yi-hyun.The period drama, set in the Chosun Dynasty, revolves around a young..
Singer Sun-mi Poses for Cameras Before Music Program
Singer Sun-mi posed for the cameras on her way to a music program in Seoul last Friday.She released her new album "Stranger" earlier this month.
Assembly Line of Celebrities Turn out for Sportswear Brand Event
Various stars appeared at a promotional event for a sportswear brand in Seoul on Thursday.
Yu-jin of Girl Group IVE Steps Before Cameras for Luxury Brand
Yu-jin of girl group IVE showed off her looks at a promotional event for a luxury fashion brand in Seoul on Wednesday.She wore a camel-colored knitted mini ensemble that flattered her long legs.
Blue Dragon Recipients Leave Their Mark
Last year's recipients of the annual Blue Dragon Film Awards gathered to leave their handprints at an event in Seoul on Wednesday, about a month ahead of this year's ceremony, which is slated for..