Park Seo-joon Not Afraid to Say He Expects Big Ratings for New TV Series

  • January 30, 2020 17:25
JTBC '이태원 클라쓰' 제작발표회 / 사진: 조선일보 일본어판 이대덕 기자,
JTBC '이태원 클라쓰' 제작발표회 / 사진: 조선일보 일본어판 이대덕 기자,

Actor Park Seo-joon made a bold prediction regarding his new TV series, "Itaewon Class," at a press event in Seoul on Jan. 30, just a day ahead of its airing on cable channel JTBC.

The actor said he was confident the series would be popular, and backed up his statement with figures, predicting a 10 percent viewer rating.

He was joined at the event by fellow cast members Kim Da-mi, Kwon Na-ra and Yoo Jae-myung.

'이태원 클라쓰' 만화 찢고 나온 박서준(Park Seo-joon), "원작 웹툰은 유료결제로"

Based on a popular web cartoon of the same title, "Itaewon Class" is about youngsters who strive for success while fighting against social barriers. Park plays a young man who opens a restaurant in Itaewon.

Park said it was only natural to want high viewer ratings for the series. "[All the actors including me] definitely hope their dramas or shows will draw much attention, but it’s too early to predict the response to 'Itaewon Class' at the moment and pledge something for viewers in an effort to thank them for their support," he said. "I just hope it will get a double-digit rating. I’d be satisfied with 10 percent." He added, "Viewer ratings don’t reflect the effort of the cast and crew, but if [the series] garners at least a 10 percent rating, I would be on cloud nine."

Park said, "We talked about how to promote the series, and came up with the idea of opening a pub just for a day. It would be great to meet viewers in person and have a drink with them."

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