Kim Tae-ri Feels 'Blessed' to Work with Lee Byung-hun on New TV Series

  • June 27, 2018 17:19
Kim Tae-ri Feels 'Blessed' to Work with Lee Byung-hun on New TV Series

Actor Lee Byung-hun was full of praise for his younger co-star Kim Tae-ri at a press event for cable channel tvN's new drama series "Mr. Sunshine" in Seoul on June 26.

Lee is 20 years older than Kim, but said he often forgot this when they were on set together, as her acting skills are already very impressive. "I am often surprised by the way Kim approaches her role," he said. "It is hard to believe she is a rookie," he added.

Asked about her chemistry with Lee, Kim said, "I have worked with many well-known veteran actors, and I have often been asked if I feel any pressure. This time, many have raised similar questions with me, but I don't think I could be more blessed as an actress than to have such a chance to work with them."

"Honestly, I do worry about not being able to keep up with Lee, as I'm just a novice actress who still has a long way to go to be comparable to him. But I'm doing my best," she added.

"Mr. Sunshine" starts with the 1871 U.S. expedition to Korea. A son of a slave goes to the U.S., becomes a marine officer and returns to Korea, and the plot begins to unfold after he meets members of a militia in the final days of the Chosun Dynasty.

The first episode of the period drama is set to air on July 7.

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