Kim So-hyun Says No Rivalry on Set with Co-Star Jang Dong-yoon

  • March 08, 2019 16:59
KBS 2TV '조선로코-녹두전' 제작발표회 / 사진: 조선일보 일본어판 이대덕 기자,
KBS 2TV '조선로코-녹두전' 제작발표회 / 사진: 조선일보 일본어판 이대덕 기자,

Actress Kim So-hyun opened up about her chemistry with co-star Jang Dong-yoon at a press event for KBS' new period drama in Seoul on Sept. 30.

'조선로코 녹두전' 김소현, "장동윤이 나보다 예쁘다는 얘기가 많더라" (The Tale of Nokdu)

"Jang's role as a cross-dresser was intriguing to me," Kim said. "Many people teased me during shooting, saying that he was 'prettier' than me. But we were not competing, at least in terms of appearance. Besides, my role is somewhat of a tomboy, and I tried to focus more on my character," she added.

"The Tale of Nokdu" revolves around a man who disguises himself as a woman to live in a mysterious women-only village, and a woman who seeks to escape her apprenticeship as a courtesan.

The first episode of the drama is set to be aired later in the day.

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