Starlet Keum Sae-rok Thanks Fellow Cast Members for Their Support

  • February 15, 2019 16:40
'열혈사제' 제작발표회 / 사진: 조선일보 일본어판 이대덕 기자,
'열혈사제' 제작발표회 / 사진: 조선일보 일본어판 이대덕 기자,

Starlet Keum Sae-rok expressed her gratitude to her fellow actors at a press event for SBS' new drama series, "The Fiery Priest," in Seoul on Feb. 15. Kim Nam-gil, Kim Sung-kyun and Lee Honey also attended the event.

The drama deals with a story of an unconventional priest and a timid detective who team up to investigate a murder case.

Starlet Keum Sae-rok Thanks Fellow Cast Members for Their Support

Keum, who plays a rookie detective and has many scenes working together with Kim Nam-gil and Kim Sung-kun, said she learned a lot from them and thanked them for their help.

"Kim Nam-gil, who is easygoing enough not to mind wearing the same casual clothes every day, showed up to encourage me during my first day of shooting and even took a minor part, [separately from his starring role in the drama]," Keum said. "When I had difficulty in a couple of scenes in which my character shows a romantic interest in a priest played by him, he kindly called me to offer advice, which allowed me to get a better idea of the scenes," she recalled.

[열혈사제] 금새록 “김남길, 밤에 전화해 조언..혼자 심쿵했다” (열혈사제, The Fiery Priest)

Keum also praised Kim Sung-kyun for his warm heart and kindness. "Kim Sung-kyun kindly allowed me to stay in his room while I was waiting to film my part, since I didn't have my own space on the set. He is also very attentive, listening to my concerns and sharing his experiences as a senior actor," she added.

As for Lee, Keum said, "I haven't had many scenes with her yet in the drama, but she opened herself up to me, coaching me about my role and giving me a lot of praise. I hope to get more scenes in which I can work with her [in the upcoming episodes]."

The cast and staff seem to work well as a team, according to Keum. "We ate together often, even before shooting began, and have already developed a close relationship," she said.

The first episode of the drama is set for airing later in the day.

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