IU, Yeo Jin-gu's Enthusiasm for New TV Series Generates Much Buzz

  • July 08, 2019 15:35

IU and Yeo Jin-gu appeared at a press event for cable channel tvN's drama series "Hotel del Luna" along with other cast members in Seoul on July 8.

As they were both just coming off highly successful TV series, the two stars generated even more excitement at the prospect of them co-starring in the new drama.

The horror romantic-comedy revolves around an ill-tempered and extravagant owner of a hotel, played by IU, and the hotel's manager, played by Yeo.

"I received a lot of praise for my previous TV series 'My Mister,' which made me happy, but at the same time I felt pressure about meeting viewers' expectations. For this reason, I thought I would need some time to take the next step, but 'Hotel del Luna' fell into my lap," IU said. "I was fascinated by my character in 'Hotel del Luna,' which is totally different from the one I played in 'My Mister,'" she added.

But Yeo seemed anxious about the drama. "I think I was in a bit of a rush. I made the decision to join 'Hotel del Luna' while shooting 'The Crowned Clown.' Due to working on these coinciding projects, I didn't want to look unprepared, so I tried even harder to be fully ready for the new one," Yeo said.

IU, Yeo Jin-gu's Enthusiasm for New TV Series Generates Much Buzz

He added, "IU is very committed to her work and all the cast have good chemistry with each other."

The two stars' obvious affection for the drama is generating a lot of anticipation over the series, which is set to be aired on July 13.

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