How Singer-Turned-Actress Kang Ji-young Faces Tricky Questions

밸런스게임에 임하는 배우 강지영 / 사진 : 해당 영상 캡처
밸런스게임에 임하는 배우 강지영 / 사진 : 해당 영상 캡처

Here are singer-turned-actress Kang Ji-young's various facial expressions captured during an interview.

Kang, a former member of the now defunct girl group Kara, recently took on her first major role in cable channel JTBC's TV series "Sweet Munchies."

In the following video clip, Kang made various facial expressions while reacting to questions. She was asked to choose one of two possible replies to a series of questions, which range from mundane to bizarre. They were mostly tricky questions, making it hard to pick an answer.

For example, Kang seemed embarrassed when she was asked whom she would choose between her co-stars from "Sweet Munchies" -- Jung Il-woo or Lee Hak-joo -- as being the better fit for her personally. Which actor did she choose? You can check it out in the clip.

'야식남녀' 강지영, '밸런스게임하다 극대노! 둘다 나쁜놈' / 픽콘
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