Oh Na-ra to Play Yet 'Another Mom' in New TV Series

Oh Na-ra to Play Yet 'Another Mom' in New TV Series

Actress Oh Na-ra appeared at a press event for MBC's new drama series, "Chip In" in Seoul on July 22.

"Chip In" revolves around nine people who gather at a famous artist's house and start a fierce battle to claim a share of the artist's inheritance. Oh plays a former mistress of the artist who comes to the house with her daughter.

'십시일반' 오나라, "미혼인데 매번 엄마역할...스카이캐슬에서는 중학생아들 이번엔 장성한 딸"

Oh has recently taken roles of married women or mothers in a couple of her previous TV series. When asked how she feels about playing such roles, Oh, who is single, said, "Frankly I feel pressured a little bit."

"I try to think about my mother whenever I have to play the role of a mother. I often recall how she looked at me and what she said to me," she added.

The first episode of "Chip In" started airing on July 22 with more to come every Wednesday and Thursday.

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