Park Hae-jin, Cho Bo-ah Find Their Resemblance to Characters in New TV Series

포레스트 제작발표회 / 사진: KBS 제공
포레스트 제작발표회 / 사진: KBS 제공

Actor Park Hae-jin and actress Cho Bo-ah attended a press junket for their new TV series "Forest" in Seoul on Jan. 29. Producer Oh Jong-rok also appeared at the event, which was held to coincide with the first episode of the series airing on KBS in the evening of the same day.

The series revolves around a cold-hearted, ambitious man who specializes in mergers and acquisitions with a successful career, and a woman with exactly the opposite character who is a surgeon at a local hospital. The two encounter each other in a mysterious forest, where they discover secrets about the forest and eventually get to know each other better.

박해진(Park Hae-jin) "조보아(Cho Bo-ah)는 그 누구보다 사랑스러워", 포레스트(FOREST) 제작발표회

When asked about their chemistry, Park said, "It was my first time working with Cho, and I found she is more friendly and lovely than anyone else. We relied on each other throughout filming."

Cho also expressed satisfaction about working with him. "Park is very similar to his character in the series," she said. "He looks cold, but he has a heart of gold with a sense of humor. He also knows how to make people comfortable," she said. "I think both of us fit the characters we played," she added.

Oh said, "When they first met, the two stars seemed to feel awkward around each other but they soon became familiar with each other and hung around together."

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