Son Ye-jin, Hyun Bin Excited to Work Together Again on TV Series

Son Ye-jin, Hyun Bin Excited to Work Together Again on TV Series

Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin appeared at a press event in Seoul on Dec. 9, just a week ahead of their upcoming TV series, "Crash Landing on You."

The two stars' reunion, after their latest film "The Negotiation" a year ago, is again stoking rumors of a romantic relationship. Despite being caught in paparazzi photos showing the two together, Son and Hyun Bin have consistently denied rumors that they are dating and say they are just good friends.

'사랑의 불시착' 현빈(Hyun Bin)❤️손예진(Son Ye-jin) "두번의 열애설 부인 후 로맨스 연기?"

"Crash Landing on You" is about an unlikely romance between a South Korean heiress who makes a forced landing in North Korea while paragliding, and a North Korean officer who falls in love with her while trying to hide and protect her.

"In the case of the film 'The Negotiation,' in which we co-starred, Son and I barely had a chance to see each other during shooting, because the two main characters are in totally different places," said Hyun Bin. "I wanted to work with Son again, perhaps in a different genre that would reveal her cheerful personality better," he added. "An opportunity came along much sooner than I expected. I'm learning a lot more this time, because we see more of each other and work together. She has a lot of ideas as an actress, so it gives me a lot of motivation."

Son also admitted, "I guess we're somehow connected as we're able to work together again, which is quite rare, actually." "[Unlike 'The Negotiation'], fans will see us interact with each other in many scenes this. As the story unfolds, there will be a lot for viewers to enjoy," she said. "When I first read the script, I thought Hyun Bin would be the perfect fit for the role." Hyun Bin said he thought the same for Son, adding that viewers would see "different sides" of her in the new series.

Son Ye-jin, Hyun Bin Excited to Work Together Again on TV Series

Do they perhaps feel uncomfortable about appearing in the drama together when there are dating rumors swirling around them? "We just laughed it off," said Hyun Bin. "It did not affect my decision or bother me to accept a role in the drama. We worked on the same project earlier, built our friendship through it, and we were inspired to work together again. When an opportunity came, I happily took it." Son agreed, "I wasn't bothered by it at all, either, and I thought it would be great to collaborate."

Director Lee Jung-hyo, who cast them, said, "I thought they would have great chemistry, and they are doing a great job."

The first episode of "Crash Landing on You" is set to be aired on tvN on Dec. 14.

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