Actress Song Ji-hyo Says Role in New Thriller Was Challenging

'침입자(INTRUDER)' 송지효(SONG JI-HYO), "여고괴담3 이후 17년... 많이 달라졌다" / 픽콘

Actress Song Ji-hyo expressed surprise at her co-star Kim Moo-yeol's acting talent after watching their new film "Intruder." The two stars, along with director Son Won-pyeong, attended a press preview of the film in Seoul on May 27.

The event started with a greeting from Song, who said, "Thank you for coming to the screening in this troubled time of coronavirus." She said she wished she had done better in the film, adding that she really wanted to do well, as it is the first thriller in 17 years she has taken part in. She made her film debut in the thriller "Wishing Stairs" in 2003.

"I was attracted to the character, although she is very, very dark. I thoroughly enjoyed the script, so all I could think was that I wanted to do it well," Song said. "But after watching the film after all, I wish I could have done a better job."

But she didn't hesitate to compliment Kim's acting. "I was impressed by Kim's acting. I regret that if I had given a better performance, the conflict between us would have been depicted better."

"Intruder" revolves around a woman and her family as she returns after going missing for 25 years. It is set for release on June 4.

'침입자'에 출연한 김무열 송지효(우) / 사진 : 픽콘
'침입자'에 출연한 김무열 송지효(우) / 사진 : 픽콘
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