Jung Hae-in Says Best New Actor Award at Daejong Film Awards Boosts Confidence

정해인(Jung Hae-in), 이 사람이 아니면 누가 신인상? 대종상 레드카펫

Actor Jung Hae-in won best new actor for his role in "Tune in for Love" at the annual Daejong Film Awards in Seoul on July 3. He arrived on the red carpet ahead of the event with a bright smile on his face.

"I will take this award as encouragement to keep on trying my best. I would like to thank director Jung Ji-woo, screenwriter Lee Sook-yeon, co-star Kim Go-eun and [singer] Yoo Yeol, with whom I am honored to work," he said in his acceptance speech.

"Tune in for Love" tells the love story of a young couple who come a long way over the span of 10 years as they repeatedly cross paths and part ways.

'제56회 대종상영화제' 신인남우상을 받은 정해인 / 사진 : 픽콘DB
'제56회 대종상영화제' 신인남우상을 받은 정해인 / 사진 : 픽콘DB
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