Cast of Highly Anticipated Zombie Film Gather for Press Screening

영화 '반도' 언론시사회 현장 / 사진 : 픽콘 이대덕 기자(
영화 '반도' 언론시사회 현장 / 사진 : 픽콘 이대덕 기자(

Actor Kang Dong-won and actress Lee Jung-hyun attended the press screening of their latest film "Peninsula" at a theater in Yongsan, Seoul on July 9. Also included were filmmaker Yeon Sang-ho, teen actress Lee Re, veteran actor Kwon Hae-hyo and other cast members.

In a post-screening Q&A session, the stars of the film, Kang and Lee were spotted continuously taking care of the teen actress, while helping her to get through some tough questions by answering them for her.

"Peninsula," a sequel to the 2016 hit zombie flick "Train to Busan," is set four years after the first film and tells the story of people struggling to survive in the ruins after zombies have destroyed the entire country.

The film hit local theaters on July 15.

'반도' 시사회 中 강동원, 질문 잊은 아역배우 챙기는 자상한 삼촌
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