Sun-mi's Latest Single Captures All of Her Best Qualities

선미 쇼케이스 / 사진: 메이크어스 제공
선미 쇼케이스 / 사진: 메이크어스 제공

Sun-mi unveiled her latest single, "Pporappippam," which literally means "purple-hued night" in Korean, at an online event livestreamed on YouTube on June 29.

The track confirms her reputation as one of Korea's top female singers. Sun-mi wrote the song's lyrics and once again collaborated with the composer who uses the pseudonym Frants. The two worked together successfully on her previous albums.

The funky sound and smooth guitar riff by singer-songwriter Jukjae evoke the shifting nature of love, which can feel hot and passionate at times but also empty and futile. Sun-mi, who never goes out of style, captivates fans with her brilliant dance moves, as she did in many of her earlier hit songs.

"Pporappippam," which captures all of Sun-mi's best qualities, was released by various online music streaming sites the same day.

[LIVE STAGE] SUNMI(선미) _ pporappippam(보라빛 밤) Stage Showcase
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