Actor Jang Keun-suk Completes Mandatory Military Duty

'장근석(Jang Geun suk)소집 해제' "사회 복귀를 명받았습니다!" "It's SHOWTIME" / 픽콘

Actor Jang Keun-suk was discharged on June 29 after fulfilling his mandatory military duty.

Jang started his duty by entering an Army boot camp in July 2016 and, after about a month of basic military training there, he worked at a public agency to substitute for active service due to health issues.

Jang has continued to help people in need even while fulfilling his military duty. He donated W100 million to the Korea Disaster Relief Association to help victims of a forest fire in Gangwon Province in April last year.

Now it remains to be seen what steps he will take. Jang had enjoyed huge popularity throughout Asia.

장근석 소집해제 / 사진 : 조선일보 일본어판DB
장근석 소집해제 / 사진 : 조선일보 일본어판DB
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