Stars of Office Comedy Reveal Behind-the-Scenes-Stories

'꼰대인턴' 박해진, MBC의 희망!? "유쾌하다는 댓글, 기분 좋다" 현장공개 / 픽콘

The cast of MBC's TV series "Kkondae Intern" thanked their fans and also promoted the comedy at a press event in Seoul on May 28.

Actor Park Hae-jin said, "I am happy whenever I hear from viewers saying that time goes by so fast watching the comedy."

Co-star Park Ki-woong revealed his personal acquaintance with singer Young-tak. "One dreamed of being an actor and the other a singer when they were young," he said. "Young-tak and I promised each other we’d meet again someday after achieving our individual dreams, and we made it. It's quite a moment to see my 'homie' here, making me emotional with great joy," he added.

Young-tak, who came to the spotlight overnight after becoming the runner-up in TV Chosun's hugely popular audition program "Mr. Trot," appeared in some of its episodes.

Meanwhile, actress Han Ji-eun admitted that she browsed online comments for the TV series and felt happy when she found a comment like "I love the cast."

"Kkondae Intern" is a comedy about the everyday lives of office employees including a man who gets a chance to take revenge on a former boss who once made his life miserable.

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사진 : 해당 영상 캡처
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