Actor Park Hae-jin Has 'Unusual' Encounter with Singer Young-tak

영탁과 박해진의 모습 / 사진 : 픽콘 영상 캡처
영탁과 박해진의 모습 / 사진 : 픽콘 영상 캡처

An unusual encounter was caught on camera recently. Actor Park Hae-jin showed up for the taping of a special program to talk about his latest TV series on MBC in Seoul on June 26.

Singer Young-tak, who came to the spotlight overnight after becoming the runner-up in TV Chosun's hugely popular audition program "Mr. Trot," also appeared in the program, which was aired the following day, just a few days before the airing of the comedy's final episode.

As some ardent viewers of the series may reckon, their seemingly "rare" encounter was made possible due to Young-tak's brief appearance in some of its 24 episodes.

In the 100-minute program, the cast members, including Park and Young-tak, share their thoughts and behind-the-scenes stories.

"Kkondae Intern" is a comedy about the everyday lives of office employees including a man who gets a chance to take revenge on a former boss who once made his life miserable.

꼰대인턴 연기자 찐영탁·박해진 MBC 출근길 ’꼰대인턴 방구석 팬미팅’
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